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Our Philosophy

In every city dweller, there are dreams of an escape to the country.  

But too often people succumb to the pressures of what they ‘should’ be doing rather than following their hearts and that screaming voice inside telling them that they are destined for something else.  

I'm Sarah and this is my husband Joe.  We succumbed to those pressures for years and put our dreams on hold.  But after 15+ years of working in corporate America, we've decided to live life by our plan and define success for ourselves.  

In 2012 we took a gamble and purchased a 220 year old farm house in Maryland. This is our story of transition from The Capitol to the country.


and we can assure that the execution of the dream has been far more difficult than anticipated.  Our confidence often outshines our abilities at every turn and we have traded afternoons of skeet shooting and evenings of dressing-for-dinner with But, we are well on our way to living life by our plan and defining success for ourselves.  

 we find opportunity in every crisis and we are slowly mastering our new domain. We hope you’ll follow our journey and learn from our many flops.

  Unfortunately our entrepreneurial spirit hasn't given us the confidence to leave behind our secure paying city jobs (YET) but we are well on our way.